Molly Clavering herself wrote, ‘My life has been uneventful, apart from six years in the W.R.N.S. during the war.’  Uneventful maybe, but very full.  Born in 1900 in Glasgow and educated in Bristol, she lived in the country from an early age. Her first novel, Georgina and the Stairs was published in 1927, followed by two more, The Leech of Life and Wantonwalls and four under the pseudonym ‘B. Mollett’ before her war service in the W.R.N.S.  In 1947 she moved to Moffat in the Scottish Borders, where she lived alone with a series of large black poodles, the first of which was a gift from her friend and neighbour, D.E. Stevenson.  She participated fully in the life of the small town, becoming its first and only woman magistrate, served on the Town Council for nearly a decade, was involved with the Girl Guides and Rangers and became president of the local Scottish Country Dancing Association.  The rest of her time she filled with her writing: seven more novels under her own name, and twenty-four additional works serialised in People’s Friend between 1954 and 1976.  All but one of these were later issued as People’s Friend Pocket Novels, most in the 1980s, and one as recently as 2007.  She is also believed to have written for The Scots Magazine.  All these ephemeral works are now nearly impossible to find, as are many of her novels in book form.  Molly Clavering died in 1995.