by Austin Lee
ISBN 978-1-907503-52-8

Ellis P. Gubbenheim arrives one afternoon at the Shirley Guest House in Haworth and is not seen again until his body is found in an empty shop, without the pigskin attaché case he had carried everywhere with him.
    Why is Dr. Appleby, an authority on the Brontës, so very jittery? Who has had his throat cut on Lady Haltwhistle’s fitted carpet? And why are the Yorkshire police drawing a false beard, in ink, on a portrait in a library book?
    The mysteries pile up.  Time to send for Miss Flora Hogg, that formidable school mistress turned private detective, and her amiable friend and sidekick, Milly Brown.

Originally published in 1956.
The cover shows a detail from the original dustwrapper.


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