by Lucy Kinloch
ISBN  978-1-907503-62-7
   A World Within a School  tells of Nora O’Connor’s schooldays at Danbury College, from a lonely 15-year-old new girl to a well-liked and respected prefect.  Games, classwork and exams play their part, and fierce competition between Houses, but it is the development, frustrations and joys of friendship that shape the story, through schooldays and beyond.
Is this a book for children or for adults?  Its subject matter, a girls’ school story, puts it firmly in the children’s camp, but the mature treatment of that subject makes it equally satisfying for adults too. This Greyladies edition includes an introduction by Hilary Clare, co-author (with Sue Sims) of The Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories.  
Originally published in 1937.


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