by Austin Lee

ISBN  978-1-907503-48-8

When her father, a police superintendent, died, Miss Flora Hogg realised a long-held ambition; she abandoned her career as a French mistress at Surrey County Girls’ School and set up as a Private Investigator.   
    Odd things are happening at 83-year-old Miss Emily’s house and she becomes Miss Hogg’s first client.  What has excited the sudden interest in her father, an eminent Victorian palaeontologist? Why do so many people want to write his biography?  Who has been moving the pots and figurines in his exhibition cabinets? And who has stolen his notebook?  
    And then a visiting American bishop is found dead in the library.
    ‘Hogg,’ Miss Hogg admonished herself, ‘this is your first case and you’ve got to make a success of it.’ She stood still in the hall, took off her pince-nez and polished them vigorously.  ‘But what the hell,’ she asked herself, ‘is it all about?’
    Subtitled ‘A Detective Frolic’, Sheep’s Clothing was originally published in 1955.


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